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Hedgehog Class


About Hedgehog Class

Our Teacher: Mrs Sue Pates

Hedgehog class is a small class designed to meet the individual needs of pupils ranging from Year R to Year 2. Pupils are taught following the guidelines of the Westfield Curriculum with overarching topic-based themes and working within National Curriculum key stage 1.

The pupils benefit greatly from a highly structured and multisensory teaching style combined with intensive interaction and a total communication approach supported and delivered by a consistent team who know the learners really well.

Learning Focus

In order to maximize the young learners’ potential self-regulation is a priority. Each pupil has their specific sensory needs identified and sensory breaks are built into their daily routine. Acquisition of language in the child’s preferred form e.g. spoken word, signs, Picture Exchange Communication is supported through a communication friendly learning environment. Pupils are immersed in a total communication approach where language is modelled by adults in every interaction with pupils. Visual schedules and now and next boards help reduce anxiety about what is happening throughout the day and predictable routines help to increase a sense of security.

The joy of reading and sharing a book is celebrated in Hedgehog Class. A daily sensory story is central to the pupil’s early enjoyment of reading. Daily phonics sessions help develop the pupils attention and listening skills as well as building early initial sound recognition and the building blocks for early reading and spelling. Math’s is embedded in other subject areas such as PE and cookery and encouraged through a strong focus on functional use. Students are given opportunities to access a range of additional therapies such as communication groups, Theraplay, play therapy, music therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy, Megan Baker conductive education and horse riding.

Mrs Sue Pates, Hedgehog Class Teacher