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Red Kites Class

Complex Needs & Autism Group

About Red Kites Class

Our Teacher: Mrs Claire Broderick

Our learners benefit greatly from structured teaching, intensive interaction and a total communication approach supported and delivered by a heightened staff to student ratio, in a smaller student grouping. As a class, and school team, we are all passionate about ensuring a high level of supportive teaching, good role modelling, guidance, care and nurturing.

Our routines centre around clear, predictable and familiar procedures in order to enable our learners to maximise their chances of accessing our curriculum, building their social understanding and skills and wellbeing, and feel empowered and stimulated to learn. Spontaneity and flexibility is strategically built in to help our concrete learners decrease anxiety around change and learn how to manage something happening beyond their thought process. Learning is rhythmic, at a slow steady pace with clear expectations, student centred and highly focussed on student successes.

Learning Focus

All our students are supported with decreased auditory and visual clutter in their space, regular and bespoke sensory activities built into their activities and daily routines, with communication skill building at the core of our learning pathways. We have a small outside space which we are gradually developing and is enjoyed greatly by our student’s whatever weather. Students are supported further with visual structure programmes tailored to their needs in order to help them make sense of the world around them, what is being asked of them, enabling them to build and have a voice at their level, and ultimately build skills for future independence at their maximum potential.

Our curriculum enables us to access a wide and motivating range of topics throughout the full range of academic subjects, whilst also aiming to build functional skills we need as we grow. We link with parents regularly, and through our secure MultiMe social platform for those who wish to access. Working with parents closely helps us to develop a holistic and cross context range of strategies and supports which aim to decrease the impact of barriers where able, and increase the ability to transfer learning to and from the school, home and wider community settings.

We have high expectations of, and for all our students communicatively, socially, academically and behaviourally. Within class and the whole school setting we have clear and understandable visual guidelines and supports to help our students to recognise the level, and impact of their actions. Our PSHE, RSE, and social and emotional supports across school are paramount to our student’s wellbeing and developing self-awareness. These are embedded through highly personalised sessions which are delivered either in partner, small group, whole class activities, or cross class groupings as well as within free play and social times. We also have excellent support from our pastoral lead, and resident play therapist, as well as working closely with a range of other professionals.

And we LOVE a birthday party, or any reason to learn through games and celebrations, messy exploration or bouncing about having a dance. Cake Friday is always exciting! 😊

Mrs Claire Boderick, Red Kites Class Teacher