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6th Form

Key Stage 5 – Year 12 to 14

About 6th Form

Our Teacher: Mrs Julie Newcombe

Welcome to our small, friendly Sixth Form which is part of Westfield School based in the market town of Leominster, Herefordshire. Westfield Sixth Form provides education opportunities and supported transition into adulthood for young people 16 years and over with special educational needs and/or learning difficulties.

Our highly trained team are dedicated to successfully raising the aspirations of all students. A Person Centred approach ensures the young person is supported with every aspect of their journey into adulthood. Each student has a Personalised Foundation Learning Programme that is destination led to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.

Whether you’re a continuing student from our main school or you have chosen to join us for your further education, Westfield provides the perfect environment to help your chosen route.

Adult Curriculum

Learning Focus

Business Enterprise

Business enterprise is an important aspect of work related learning in 6th form. Students learn to work as part of a team to run small, high quality enterprises. Projects have included personalised mugs and calendars, photographic calendars, beauty products, planters, plants, car washing and Christmas hampers. Projects are well planned and organised with costs monitored and profits calculated. All profits are re-invested in purchasing 6th form resources or contribute to the cost of the annual residential.

Work Related Learning

Students learn about the world of work in general by studying a full range of jobs, whether people who work mainly inside or mainly outside, work with animals, get
dirty or sit down a lot. Work experience choices enable students to discover which different jobs appeal to them and what skills they need to access them. The 6th form have many links in the community covering a wide range of aspects of the world of work. Work experience occurs usually once a week for a minimum of one term. Students keep a work experience diary to reflect on their progress. Views are shared in annual reviews and play an important part in choosing next steps post 19.

Using Leisure Time

Students take part in leisure activities throughout the school year as part of the curriculum and during the residential holiday. They are also encouraged to share aspects of their own leisure time at home and in the holidays through photos and comments emailed to school. Venue, cost, equipment, time and travel are all factors discussed and the intention is for students to develop their own leisure interests out of school.

Independent Living Skills

Students are encouraged to develop their independence in all aspects of their life including the use of money, meal preparation, personal care, travel and household
chores. These skills are practised in school, in the community and in the home. Photos of these skills are encouraged to be shared with school and home as they develop and are often discussed during annual reviews.


This is a popular choice within 6th form and students enjoy horticulture activities on-site using the polytunnel to grow plants and harvest crops throughout the year, we also tend the extensive school grounds. Berrington Hall National Trust gardens are a choice for work experience where students have gone on to volunteer on a weekly basis post 19.

Creative Media and Performing Arts

This is a popular area of the curriculum and qualifications that can be gained in this area include advertising, print media products, graphic design and drawing and painting, using the voice and the body in dramatic contexts. IT skills are taught and practised through a range of age appropriate and interesting projects. Film making editing skills have also been used throughout the curriculum to produce plays, radio shows and to capture learning across the curriculum such as
the residential experience and independent living.

Residential Experience

All students are offered the opportunity to take part in an annual residential trip. This provides them with a holiday experience with their friends and staff in a place of interest. Youth hostels or Air B&B rentals are carefully chosen to meet the individual needs of the group. Both whole class trips and smaller group stays have been very successfully planned and have been local or further afield. Leisure time includes visits to museums, zoos, aquariums, science centres, gyms, activity centres, beaches and local towns. Meal planning is an important preparation as well as guidance and expectations for the trip. Evenings include outdoor activities, movies, pamper nights, board games, cards and completing Lego kits. If there is a games room with pool tables and other activities they are always popular with the students. Students families contribute to the cost as well as the 6th form Enterprise funds and the PTFA.