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Our School Council

Westfield School Council

Westfield School Council helps us to have a say in the decisions that affect our lives. It helps us to share our ideas and opinions and have our views thought about when decisions are made.

We sometimes need to talk to and collaborate with teachers and other people. Every year we have an election to vote for who will represent each class. We have two members chosen from each class. We learn about democracy, being a good citizen and responsibilities. We also learn leadership and team work skills.

What a Chairperson does

The chairperson runs the meetings. They read through the minutes, if all agree the minutes are signed. The chairperson then shares the agenda with the school council and works through this.

What a Secetary does

The secretary writes notes and makes copies for everyone in school to read. They take the register.

What a Treasurer does

The treasurer records any money raised, donated or spent through the school council.

What a Committee Members do

The committee members listen to the chair person and contribute their own ideas and the ideas of their class and vote on any ideas that are put forward.