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Otter Class

Year 3 to Year 6

About Otter Class

Our Teacher: Mrs Evie Taylor

Otter Class meets the needs of KS2 children who have a range of
learning difficulties and disabilities. Some pupils have targets in Maths and English, as well as targets to overcome their barriers to learning. Other pupils follow a more multi-sensory curriculum and have targets in Communication,
Sensory, Movement, Self and Emotions and Making Connections.

The class team works closely with families to focus on areas of priority to achieve targets together; this ensures that all pupils are continually being challenged to grow and develop as individuals so that they can become confident young people.

Learning Focus

In Otter Class students are taught following the guidelines of the Westfield Curriculum or the Multi Sensory curriculum depending on need: a typical morning includes; fine motor skills, phonics, maths and English. Maths lessons focus on different strands from number and place value, using all four operations in practical situations, measure and time.

Students learn the value of coins and use money to buy items and receive change. English lessons cover a range of genres from fictional texts, poetry and non-fiction writing including language of instructions, non-chronological reports and recounts. These are taught using a multi-sensory approach.

The foundation subjects are taught through a termly topic approach, which facilitates interesting, exciting and diverse learning opportunities. Within this, we undertake regular community visits, providing opportunities to transfer learning from school lessons and develop independent living skills.

In addition, students have weekly physical education lessons and Food technology lessons, which reinforce traditional areas of learning, as well as opportunities to learn how to use kitchen equipment safely. Students also get the chance to learn through scientific enquiry; practical experiments and observations. Students are encouraged to be independent in their learning by asking questions, selecting their materials and exploring the world around them in a safe and a stimulating environment.

Evie Taylor, Otter Class Teacher